WHAT A NIGHT!! We couldn't have been happier with how many of you came down to Voodoo Cafe for our Noisy Daughters Vinyl Launch, making for a SOLD OUT crowd packing the room to enjoy the incredible performances by Eve ConwayKay Greyson, Komparrison & Martha Hill.

It got hyped. It got sweaty. It got emotional.

It's beautiful to see such fantastic support for local music, especially here in little ol' Darlington, not to mention all your kind words of encouragement behind the Noisy Daughters ethos promoting women in music, and everything else we're doing for artists and this cool regional scene we have going up here in the North East.

To everyone who bought a copy of the Noisy Daughters vinyl, or any of the other Butterfly Effect releases - a huge thanks, and we hope you enjoy playing them and letting the sound of eclectic emerging music fill your ears.

Many more thanks go to:
 - All the artists for treating us to such stupendous performances
- Rianne Thompson for hosting the evening like the total pro and massive supporter of local music she is
- Every other artist on the record for making amazing music and being part of this release, namely GGAllan PartridgeBlómGirl From Winter JargonZarahruth & Jennifer Walton
Voodoo Cafe for lending us their wonderful space (and serving everyone great drinks all night!)
- Nathan Stephenson for making everything sound beautiful all night long
Saints Row Brewing Co. for concocting their exclusive Mango Milkshake Pale Ale for the evening; well done to all you early birds who managed to nab one!
- To Darlington For Culture - the official site & Creative Darlington for helping fund this project and making last night happen

...and finally once again to everyone in the crowd who engaged with every second of every performance and gave the whole night such an electric atmosphere.
It was just good vibes all round, and that's the whole reason we do this stuff.

As mentioned, any money made from the evening will just go back into funding more cool things like this, so keep an eye on our social media and expect to see more stuff like it popping up soon.

Here's to equality in music, and to an incredible evening supporting it
Let's all keep shouting from rooftops  


If you couldn't make it but still wanna grab a copy of the record, you can do so right here: