With 50+ artists across 7 stages, LTH19 was a total whirlwind of amazing experiences.
Whether it was listening to ethereal folk reverberate in the halls of St. John's, discovering dark delights in the hidden heights of Hogan's, splitting your sides in the comedy club, or getting sweaty in a mosh pit, there were moments to be had wherever you looked.
It was great to see such a fantastic turnout, both for the festival, and the industry conference on the morning w/ Tipping Point - we hope everyone involved got loads of juicy knowledge and advice out of it, made some new friends, and feels charged up and ready to release some amazing music.
We were really proud of the festival line-up, and feel honoured to have been able to bring such a glimmering array of artists to town, for a jam packed day of performances.
Huge gratitude of course to festival co-curators NARC. Magazine, Hilarity Bites Comedy Club & Legitimate Anarchy Records for being a big part of that.
Massive thanks of course to Arts Council England & Creative Darlington for all their support, without which it simply wouldn't be possible to put together such a big event.
If we could also offer an enormous thanks to all of the venues involved and their staff, to all our stage managers and helpers on the day for making sure everything ran smoothly, to our security staff for keeping everyone safe and well, and of course to the artists themselves for gracing our humble stages with incredible performances. There's too many of you to name, but you all know who you are!
And lastly of course, a final shower of gratitude upon all of you who bought a ticket, spent the day spiralling around Darlington enjoying all the wonderful stuff on offer, and making the whole atmosphere of the event so special.
Find below a selection of shots from the festival,  taken by Sam Edge, Mark Blizard & Rob Irish, or you can view the full gallery over on Facebook