Presenting our virtual alternative to this year's Mish Mash Festival, featuring exclusive live performances recorded especially for this event from Kay Greyson (incl. rap workshop), The Dead SeatAndy Lawrenson Trio & Los Capitanes
There's also a family singing & movement workshop from Claire Willmer (of Voices of Darlington) which was broadcast live at this link.
PLUS we even start things off with a couple of sneak previews of artists playing next year's festival, which will hopefully be live on stage in our market square once again, so stay tuned to find out who!
We wanna say a huge thanks to Darlington Borough Council for making this happen, to Easby Church & The Quakerhouse for letting us film in their venues, to Sarah Wilson for hosting, and to Rob Irish for filming/editing, and of course to everyone who tuned into enjoy the music!