We were approached by ODDMANOUT to put together a mixtape for Darlington, showcasing a slice of the music living here right now, plus a few songs which celebrate the town and its history.

So here it is! Darling Tunes, compiled as part of ODDMANOUT's "It's All Happening Here" initiative, a project celebrating the creativity and community of Darlington, all made possible with support from Arts Council England and Creative Darlington.

With music from Jodie Nicholson, Llovers, Shakk, Chris Davison, Alex Fawcett, Jamie Farrell, The Skapones, The Dead Seat, Weekend Sun, The Black Sheep Frederick Dickens, Endem, Hayley McKay, Phil Cox, Martin Pybus & Zarahruth, plus cover photography & design by Rob Irish.

Jodie Nicholson & Zarahruth's songs were even specially commissioned for this project, and Martin Pybus' track recorded just for it - we'll tell you more about them soon!
The album will be released in full on November 5th to tie in with an event happening at Cornerstone Arts featuring actors, musicians, poets and more to celebrate the whole "It's All Happening Here" project.

You'll be able to listen to the tracks right here on release, or a couple are already available as a preview: bit.ly/darlingtunes
They'll all be free to stream, or you can purchase the album as a download to support the artists and organisations involved.