Always looking for the undiscovered and the unconventional, our sister record label Butterfly Effect creates limited vinyl releases for artists from around the region. Each record is carefully curated, designed, and packaged with unique goodies; a musical metamorphosis ready to flutter its wings, and send ripples from the North East of England across the rest of the world.

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The Black Sheep Frederick Dickens

The legacy of a man who threw it all away.
TBSFD's dark and cinematic soundscapes combined with unhinged, baritone vocals, conceptualise the life and legacy of Charles Dickens' wastrel brother. They take a tragic story filled with darkness and despair and use it as a metaphor for the modern day.

Listen/buy here:  www.bit.ly/beffect001

Butterfly Effect Compilation

A selection of emerging artists from around the North East, brought together and pressed onto a limited run of white vinyl records.
Featuring cover artwork by Dominic Noble, and music from Avalanche Party, Twist Helix, Kobadelta, James Gray Robson & More...

Listen/buy here: www.bit.ly/beffect002

Ceiling Demons - Nil

A narrative album riddled with dualities, Nil explores the light and dark in themes of nature and an all-or-nothing view of existence. Marching through the ups and downs, the dreams and nightmares, it is a record that searches the void to find it masked by opposites, where all can be found in nothing. 
Pressed onto beautiful black & white splatter vinyl, and paired with a collection special prints, stickers, and other bits and bobs.
Profits from this release will be contributed to Teesside-based charity, Men Tell Health.

Listen/buy here: www.bit.ly/beffect003

Sticky Pearls - Forever & Nowhere

A psychedelic journey into the dark; discover hypnotic rhythms and ethereal vocals, living amid haunting soundscapes beyond the borders of nowhere.

“… what a gothic mansion it is! Grandiose, full of stimulating nooks and crannies, and drenched in atmospherics.” 
The Crack Magazine

Listen/buy here: www.bit.ly/beffect004

John Stainthorp - Into The Light

Coming soon!

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